Video of my Excel 4004 I built in September and flown few time. More to come.

[Essai] Weasel TREK de Dream-Flight, l'aile volante ultime ?

Introduction  Après une très longue attente suite à l'arrêt soudain de la fabrication de la Weasel EVO, essayée dans ces colonnes en 2009, la version revisitée est arrivée finalement début 2016. J'étais très excité d'essayer cette nouvelle Weasel TREK car j'avais vraiment craqué sur la première version. J'ai d'abord eu la Weasel EVO, puis plus récemment une Weasel Black Édition, ce qui me permettra de comparer. Et puis si les améliorations sont du même niveau que pour l'Alula TREK, alors cela promet ! C'est parti pour un essai de cette nouvelle  aile "Made in Californie" ! Aperçu du Kit  La Weasel TREK arrive dans un joli carton rectangulaire qui s'avère bien plus pratique pour ranger et transporter l'aile. La forme de la Weasel ne change pas beaucoup et reste certes moins élégante que l'Alula, plus massive, certaines mauvaises langues diront une esthétique de fer à repasser, mais si vous vous arrêtez là, alors vous passez à côté …

Digitech Angle & Throw Meter

I continue my migration to digital tools !  I just received my Angle &Throw meter from digitech in Netherland, and designed by Daniel Maiorano. This device allows to mesure angle and travel in mm, as you can enter the chord of the surface, very smart !  It comes without user manual or mount. After thinking a bit, I finally just double taped a epoxy plate behind the case, and which stay on it, then I paper tape it. the case is 3D printed, and it features a small OLED screen, very crisp and with excellent contrast.
The use is very intuitive. First you fix it on the surface, then you power on with a 4.8 to 14V battery. Before to start calibration, you need to set the chord, by clicking on the +  or -. When ready you click on the "F" button, there is a 3 seconds countdown before to enter calibration and set the Zero position.  You can start measuring ! Overall, this is a nice device that allow to replicate settings with precision, I just regret that the chord has to be re-e…

Flying session in fresh air !

Some fresh air and a nice flying session near Grenoble. No F3F as the slope was not suitable for it, but few nice aerobatics and overall relaxing flights in a beautiful scenery.

The photo album can be seen here


Small visit to a local aeromodelling field where club members were doing towing in this nice and cool afternoon with a temperature around 13°. The opportunity to see nice flying machines up to 8 meters.

The photo album can be seen here: Photo Album

[Hints and Tips] Wiper dents and missing parts repair

I found this epoxy sealant from UHU at Lidl for a very low price and it appears to be perfect to repair damages of wipers on the wings.

It looks like gray modeling clay. You mix it during few seconds before to apply it. then it cures in 10 minutes. It can be drilled, sanded, painted. Really convenient and with a very good result.
Approved :) !